A range of assessment tests help us build up a full picture of each pupil | Portsmouth High School

A range of assessment tests help us build up a full picture of each pupil

On Wednesday I spent the day at GDST head office taking part in a course on assessment. We have a range of different tests at the junior school and these are used to produce our termly grades for effort and achievement. We compare against national standards and use this to monitor the progress of individuals, year groups and the school as a whole. It is pleasing to see that our programme of monitoring stands up very well against the standards promoted within the GDST.

As with any assessment tests on their own are not foolproof and this should be taken into account when looking at results. Particularly in the younger years, efficiency of writing, understanding text or using the computer can be factors. Mood and how they are feeling at the time can always affect a result, something that is true at any age. These are the reasons for having a range of different assessments to build up a full picture of each pupil, from regular tests such as end of unit, spelling and tables to more formal examinations in May.

The school birthday celebrations have been continuing from Friday night last week beginning with the outstanding PSA birthday party. It was a most enjoyable evening and they raised a large amount to put back into the school. Mrs Creal put up a display in the entrance hall, with photographs going all the way back to the opening of the school and on Monday all of our girls travelled to the cathedral to take part in the birthday service. They have been wearing the school flower with pride.

Another large scale sporting exercise took place on Wednesday afternoon as all of our year 5 and 6 girls were in action on the netball courts. It is fantastic to see every one of them in action at once.

I hope everyone enjoys their well-deserved half term break.