Resilience and flexibility are two of the hallmarks of a PHS girl | Portsmouth High School

Resilience and flexibility are two of the hallmarks of a PHS girl

I spent an extremely enjoyable evening last Friday watching the Portsmouth High School musical. It was particularly thrilling to see some of our own year 5 girls as part of the Anything Goes cast.

They were exceptionally professional and performed with energy and enthusiasm, despite this being the third late night of their week. The girls had a wonderful time embracing the camaraderie and atmosphere that comes with a big show. I am hoping that this will be something that our girls can experience again next year.

On Saturday I spent the day with the junior school skiers in the Hemel Hempstead Snowdome. They are preparing for the joint ski trip that we are conducting with Northampton and Ipswich High Schools. Eight of the group are beginners and I was struck by the lack of fuss displayed as they put on the unfamiliar boots and clothing. They all worked hard in the first unsteady slides of learning to ski and showed quiet determination alongside plenty of fun.

Wednesday was a busy day for many of our older girls as year 5 and 6 teams travelled to Amesbury School in Hindhead to play hockey. It was a new experience as it was the first time they had played on grass, with the game generally played on all-weather surfaces. They acquitted themselves superbly against opposition used to the conditions and soon settled into the more combative nature of hockey on grass. The year 6 team lost by three goals but this didn’t do them justice in a very closely fought game. Year 5 were successful, finding their rhythm quickly and ending the game with a score of three goals to nil in our favour.

On our return to school several girls had to change and prepare for evening performances in the spring concert. The audience were treated to high quality presentations from the orchestra, string ensemble and the winners of the Young Musician of the Year competition. The day proved the resilience and flexibility of our girls.