Resilience and independence are the key to high quality learning | Portsmouth High School

Resilience and independence are the key to high quality learning

Being part of the Girls’ Day School Trust has many advantages. I spent Thursday and Friday last week at a conference with other junior heads where noted educationalist Guy Claxton spoke.

His work is based around building learning power through enabling the children to think for themselves and take risks. The more experience they have of getting things wrong and bouncing back the deeper their understanding will become. For those that have read previous Update entries from both Mrs Prescott and I this will be a familiar concept. We very much believe that resilience and independence is the key to high quality learning. I was pleased to be able to show Guy our learning wheel. He was impressed by the competencies it espouses and commented on how it fits with the model he is promoting.

Expert opinion and the chance to collaborate with other people in similar positions are not the only benefits. As a networked group we have much influence as well as the ability to use and have funded many projects.

Firefly is used by most of the Trust schools and with it come additions such as Purple Mash, containing a range of extremely useful and child-friendly software. There is also the opportunity to use Discovery Coding, a powerful programming tool that can be used from Reception right up to Year 6. These elements are just a tiny proportion of the gain that we have from being part of the GDST.

The ground is being prepared for our new classrooms and there is a palpable sense of excitement around Dovercourt. I have enjoyed being involved with selecting furniture and design and am looking forward to seeing the girls in their new environment as they move in during the spring term.