Rules are necessary but not a priority | Portsmouth High School

Rules are necessary but not a priority

The GDST Summit took place last week on the topic of new rules. It was a fascinating day with a mixture of speakers from different backgrounds. Central to the debate was a combination of educational themes and the landscape for girls and women in school and the workplace.

Those that know me or have heard me speak on such matters know that I am not a great believer in a plethora of rules in school. Too strict a regime can stifle the the creativity and wellbeing of the girls and would not allow for the type of culture we have here at Portsmouth High Prep School. I espouse a common sense approach and encourage the girls to think about behaviours and have empathy with those around them.

I am not naïve enough to think that you can operate a school with no rules at all. There are some things that are appropriate and others that are not. Part of education is learning right from wrong, but it should also be to challenge the status quo and not just be a passive recipient. Part of our Explorer vision states:
At Portsmouth High Prep School we work with the girls to create curious explorers. Not just children who are mere attenders dividing their day into different subjects, but those who think imaginatively and are resilient when faced with a problem.

Walking around the gardens on any given day can prove that our girls are certainly not mere attenders. There is happiness and laughter, role play, sport and a myriad of other activities taking place. Dovercourt is a place of discovery and learning, where rules are necessary but certainly not the priority.