School will feel like school again | Portsmouth High School

School will feel like school again

Despite reopening with restrictions before the end of term in June and July, it has been a summer full of preparations.

With an ever changing landscape of evolving guidance, everyone at Dovercourt has been in collaboration to give the best experience possible to the girls. As ever, I should like to thank the positivity of our entire parent body as they have adapted to our new procedures over the course of this week. Girls, new and old, have settled in incredibly well and it is a joy to have their smiling faces in school once more.

As you will have read in Mrs Prescott’s piece, Sue Parsons has made the decision to retire from the start of this term. Sue has looked after hundreds of children, including my own, over the last twelve years in her position as aftercare supervisor. She has been a constant and caring figure at the school and will be sadly missed. Her legacy will live on as the current aftercare team continue the outstanding work she did to make our extended day such an enjoyable experience for children of all ages. I would like to send her my personal thanks and she will join us for a proper send off when it is safe to do so.

This term will be as normal an experience as possible for the children. The procedures we have in place are designed so that the majority of activities can go ahead during the school day. It is still a frustration that we cannot hold our larger events, but for the girls school will feel like school again. Yes, there is a greater expectation for hand washing and care in moving around the school. In reality, this does not impact on them greatly and is just a series of good habits to maintain. Let us hope that, in the not too distant future, we can return to fixtures, assemblies and wider events.