Sir Linkalot techniques boost memory | Portsmouth High School

Sir Linkalot techniques boost memory

I spent Monday with Andy Salmon from Thinkalink. It was fascinating to see him working with children, staff and parents throughout the day. He started by warming the girls up during assembly using his own brand of humour and linking. To them, he is Sir Linkalot and there to help them all day.

Andy then proceeded to work with all the girls from Reception through to Year 6. They covered lots of spelling, grammar, reading and mathematics during the course of the day. He also did some work with a few girls in small groups to help boost their confidence. Parents attended the sessions and I could tell that they enjoyed it and were impressed by the techniques. At the end of the day he spent time training staff to take his ideas on board to incorporate into their teaching.

The principles of the technique is to use mnemonics and tricks (links) to aid the memory with the retention of knowledge. One example would be that you would be a fool to add ‘full’ to the end of a word. A simple principle which covers around fifty words with one idea. Another is that I ate three meals in one day (24 hours) eight times three is twenty-four.

It was a great day where the girls, as ever, threw themselves into all the activities and techniques on offer.