Skills and attitudes for later life all start here… | Portsmouth High School

Skills and attitudes for later life all start here…

I am often complimented on the way the girls in the school conduct themselves. This is not just the excellent behaviour that is an expectation, but is more about the way they communicate in public and when they converse with adults. Their enthusiasm is clear and they can convey how much they enjoy what they do in an eloquent way, regardless of age.

The reasons for their confidence are many, from being encouraged to look a teacher in the eye as they say good morning to performing regularly in front of large audiences. There is a culture within the school, built up over many years, that encourages girls to present in a self-assured manner. This was extremely apparent on Tuesday during our family day show.

Children from Nursery to Year 6 put on a high quality performance that brought praise from all who saw it. It was an example of just how outstanding our girls can be. Their abilities will be showcased once again this evening as they sing and dance at the Portsmouth Schools Music Festival in the Guildhall.

These skills and attitudes are not just there for the delight of those who watch. They are important for later life when the girls will be in interviews and creating their networks to further their careers. It all starts here and that is why these soft skills are always high on our agenda.