Skills gained outside the classroom can make a difference in later life... | Portsmouth High School

Skills gained outside the classroom can make a difference in later life…

January always finds me preparing for the Junior School ski trip which occurs in March. Going through this process takes my mind on to the hobbies and interests that have become such a big part of my life. Many of these were developed at school and have taken me down routes that I might otherwise not have trod.

The main activity that can be used as an example is hockey. I started playing as a schoolboy and the sport has given me the opportunity to represent my region, be a member of league winning teams and play in places such as Spain, France and Holland. Perhaps most importantly it gained me my first job and took me to Jersey where I became Master in Charge of Hockey at Victoria College. Without pursuing this interest my life would have been completely different.

I have many other hobbies and even gave up playing for a four year period. The lure of the game and my long relationship with it have brought me back and I now find myself involved once again.

This is why I feel it is essential that the girls participate in all sorts of activities at a young age, not just in sport. It is the skills gained outside the classroom that can often make the difference in later life and can shape their future as much as their academic performance. I am always encouraging them to try things out and persevere beyond the initial stage, even if their enthusiasm starts to wane. They might even be as fortunate as me and find that one of their primary interests becomes part of their job.