Speak out and stay safe | Portsmouth High School

Speak out and stay safe

On Monday, as part of our wellbeing week, we were visited by several members of the NSPCC who delivered an assembly and some workshops for the girls. The organisation is attempting to visit every school in the UK to convey their message of speak out, stay safe.

The sessions were delivered in a very child friendly way whilst also dealing with serious issues for the children to consider. The main premise for the approach is that all children have the right to speak out and be heard, to be safe and to get help when they need it. What is also important for the girls to understand is that there are ways that other children can be hurt and that not everyone can have the happy childhood that they might enjoy.

The girls were asked which adults they might be able to talk to if they had a concern, giving answers including parents, teachers, grandparents and other trusted adults. Childline was also discussed and the fact that it is a private conversation unless the operator felt that the child was in danger. The issues they could talk about could just be worries about things going on in their life or for someone else. It is good to share and they should feel that they are able to.

The assemblies and workshops were tailored for Prep-Prep and Prep aged girls so that they could have discussions relevant to their age group. In all cases the girls were incredibly mature about the way they approached the situation and it was interesting to listen to their astute questions. It was a very important message being shared and one that everyone appreciated.