Special moment speaks volumes about Portsmouth High Junior School

A special moment speaks volumes about Portsmouth High Junior School…

I have always enjoyed school sports day. When I was at school I used to love competing and running in the sprint races. However, it was competing in the events that were not my forte of which I am most proud. I took part over the years in javelin and the fifteen hundred metres which were both events in which I certainly could not hope to win. It took a real determination to work hard to do my best.

Now that I am a teacher I feel the same way about sports days as I did when at school. There is always a buzz and the atmosphere is a mix between hard competition and the true support of everyone. The sports days at Portsmouth High Junior School are particularly special. They show off everything that is good about our school and this was brought home by a special moment this year. We had ties in several year groups for the athlete of the year

and this led to a race off for the overarching ultimate prize. In year 2 there was a trophy and a teddy bear for whoever was successful and two girls pushed their hardest to try to win. In the end Sienna Stretton-Knowles marginally took the victory. After receiving her prizes she decided that she would give the teddy to Anastazia, her adversary. This gesture tells you all you need to know about this school.

The last few weeks of the year are upon us and we have much to which we look forward. Year 6 will be tackling A Midsummer Night’s Dream next week and, amongst their busy schedule, they have been rehearsing hard to polish their performance. The Portsmouth Schools Music Festival is just two days later and our Family Day follows soon after. The term will end with our Junior Awards Evening and the final assemblies to celebrate a truly successful year.