Staying grounded to my purpose as a Head of Prep | Portsmouth High School

Staying grounded to my purpose as a Head of Prep

Although my job is very busy with things such as parental liaison, assessment, management, timetabling and many others, I am very fortunate to spend a fair proportion of my week interacting with the children. As I am sitting down to write this piece, having just stepped in from covering a duty, I thought it may be interesting to consider the types of exchanges that this might entail.

I do teach a reasonable amount which is not true of all Prep or Junior Heads. I consider this comfortably the best and easiest way to get to know the girls. As things stand I am focussed on computing and physical education, but in the past I have taught the full range of subjects. I have always loved teaching and would be loath to give it up entirely, a feeling that I know is shared by Mrs Prescott who continues to teach lessons despite her incredibly busy diary.

Fixtures and clubs
Sport is, and always has been, a real driving force in my life. When I can I help out the sports department by taking the girls to fixtures or hosting at the school. This is particularly true of hockey and cricket, where the girls are improving fast due in no small part to our new all-weather pitch. I still run a sports club on a Friday after school as I have always done. It is a great way to finish off my week and I always get an enthusiastic band of attendees.

I enjoy meeting the girls on the school council and now the eco-committee, amongst other meetings throughout the year. I am always interested by what they have to say and try my best to let them lead, using prompts rather than dominating proceedings.

Lunchtimes and break times
I must confess that I do enjoy a good lunch. Sitting with the girls and talking to them in a different context to lessons are some of my favourite times of the week. I also like to take a walk during break times when possible and this allows me to see the children at play.

There are many more ways I could describe the different ways I connect with the girls during a typical week. It is incredibly important to stay grounded to my purpose as a Head of Prep. The children are, after all, why I am here.