The benefits of being bored | Portsmouth High School

The benefits of being bored

It hardly seems possible that half term has arrived and we are firmly established into the academic year.

Looking back through my diary I can see that the girls have had a huge variety of experiences alongside their normal lessons. It was only on Wednesday that we were visited by Anna Bunney from Orca Whale Conservation. She gave a fascinating insight into the world beneath the waves and the girls from year 1 to 4 were spellbound throughout. They also asked customarily thoughtful questions which left our visitor suitably impressed.

This is just one of the many additions to the core curriculum that bring life at Dovercourt alive. From mathematics conferences to sports rallies and musical events the girls gain a wide range of different opportunities. Alongside this they have made an excellent start to the year and teachers have been reporting back to me how pleased they are with progress in their classes.

With half term approaching I read an interesting article in the Times’ educational supplement that considered the role of boredom. It argued that children’s lives are so much busier and more involved than they were that they have little time to think for themselves. Much of that time is then filled with the instant gratification brought by our digital world. Being bored is something that is not experienced as often but there is much that can be gained by having to find ways to allay it.

How often do we allow our children time away from screens and without organising things for them? If left to their own devices it would be intriguing to hear what types of activities they came up with and how they cope. I will certainly be trying this at home this half term.