The importance of putting aside time to reflect… | Portsmouth High School

The importance of putting aside time to reflect…

The school has been extremely busy this half term.

Girls have been involved in the move to their new classrooms, a huge concert supporting Wessex Heartbeat at the Guildhall, a birthday party, helping with our outreach programme – fun Saturdays, netball and hockey matches, visiting authors and much more besides. This only scratches the surface of everything that has happened in a six week period.

Girls and staff have worked extremely hard to make all these things happen. The old adage ‘give a job to a busy person because you know it will get done’ applies to everyone here at the school. It is true that our lives are demanding and time is a precious commodity. Despite this I feel it is incredibly important to put aside moments of reflection so that we can think.

It was essential that we thought through changes to our homework policy and ensured that they were being made for the right reasons. I am grateful for all the feedback I received from parents and the girls through their school council. It has allowed the junior leadership team to think carefully on all the comments made and come to a solution that will work for the children at the junior school. I didn’t want to rush the process so we could reflect properly. The results of the consultation will be with you soon.

On this theme I would like the girls to have a wonderful half term full of family time and activities. They can put down their pens and pencils for the week and recharge their batteries for the second half of the term which, of course, will be busy.