The sight and sound of a full active playground are a joy to behold | Portsmouth High School

The sight and sound of a full active playground are a joy to behold

On Tuesday I met with several other Prep and Junior Heads from the Girls’ Schools Association.

This organisation should not be confused with the GDST, it is a collection of more than two hundred and fifty schools from across the UK. Mrs Prescott is the current President and I am the South Central Regional Chair.

During the meeting we were universal in our happiness at the girls returning to our schools. I was interested that every school represented had almost one hundred percent attendance, something that shows both the confidence of parents that their children will be as safe as possible and the importance of face-to-face teaching. Guided home learning might have been implemented extremely well, but nothing replaces actually having the children in school.

Several times this week I have spent some time outside while the girls have been playing. More than anything else, despite having children here throughout, I have missed the sights and sounds of a full and active playground. As I am sitting writing this piece I can hear a class singing with Mrs Hill in the music room above my study. It is delightful and heart-warming. For the first time since December I have spent time in classrooms teaching and interacting with different classes. I might still be wearing my mask and keeping my distance, but it is still far preferable to teaching online.

I am now very much looking forward to the next two weeks and to, hopefully, some further freedoms in the summer term.