'We try to win but losing well is just as important' | Portsmouth High School

‘We try to win but losing well is just as important’

As we approach the end of term some of the girls receive awards for their achievements during the course of this year. They have also been taking part in competitions such as sports day, selected for teams or asked to speak at events. During this time only some girls can achieve victory or be selected to participate.

My assembly on Monday was linked to this as I discussed winning and losing with the girls. The inevitable phrase ‘it is not the winning but the taking part that counts’ was raised. I countered this by suggesting that winning is important, if the competitors do not strive to win then the contest is hollow.

We decided between us that a better phrase might be ‘we try to win but losing well is just as important’. By this I mean that you are trying your level best.You may not win, but you will be happy with your performance and congratulatory towards everyone else, including the winner.

The girls at Dovercourt are particularly good at this. They put their best efforts into competition or presentation of any type but will be magnanimous towards others. They show confidence in their actions and demeanour but do not display arrogance at any stage. It is one of the many reasons that I value working with such amazing children.