Venture Award helps prepare girls for the next stage | Portsmouth High School

Venture Award helps prepare girls for the next stage

This week I launched the Venture Award for this year to the girls in Years 5 and 6. As an integral part of our Explorer Curriculum it fits perfectly into our drive towards confident, composed, committed and courageous girls.

The Venture Award booklet given to each girl who participates states:

Participating in our exciting adventure together The Venture Award will demonstrate the qualities that will help you prepare for your next stage in life. It will help you learn how to be a leader, how to help and assist where necessary and enable you to make responsible decisions when taking part in activities.

There are several elements to the programme and those that are familiar with the Duke of Edinburgh Award will recognise them. The girls are required to complete three sections of six or eight weeks and an expedition. The first section is being active, where they need to have an activity completed in or outside of school signed off over the time. Second is learning something new and third is helping others, which can involve people younger or older than them.

We have offered the award using BXM Expeditions for a number of years now and have found that it makes a real contribution towards helping the girls to become more independent and resilient. The expedition involves camping, cooking food and learning how to plot routes as well as many other things. There is real camaraderie amongst the group and constant demonstrations of teamwork and leadership.

I will, once again, be accompanying the girls on their expedition and overseeing the award as a whole. I am looking forward to seeing how the girls achieve in this very different context.