A week with a touch of everything... | Portsmouth High School

A week with a touch of everything…

It has been a week which has had a touch of everything. On Monday all but our youngest girls attended the Birthday Service at the Cathedral.

The theme of the service was William Shakespeare, celebrating the four hundredth year since his birth. The Pre-Prep choir sang a rendition of I just can’t wait to be king from the Lion King, an animated movie based on Hamlet. The junior choir performed a series of melodic Shakespearean rounds with no accompaniment, a sound that echoed superbly around the historic building. Year 6 combined with the year 7 choir, a mixture of senior and junior musicians and a beautiful solo from Harriet Highnam from Dovercourt. There were several readings and all girls, from year 2 upwards, spoke assuredly and with clarity.

History took centre stage as year 3 visited Stonehenge on Tuesday and year 4 became Anglo-Saxons for three days as they had their residential trip.  There was much learning and the girls all had a wonderful time.

At school members of year 5 and 6 took part in the cycling proficiency award: Bikeability. This led to the strange sight of bicycles travelling around the playground in circles before they headed out onto the roads to test their safe riding skills.

Sport took its place alongside the music and history. On Wednesday I took U10 and 11 teams to Meoncross for hockey matches at their school. The girls all performed well and I am looking forward to accompanying two netball teams to Ryde tomorrow.

This is a very short half term but there is much to enjoy. The girls have come back to school enthused and full of energy, I look forward to seeing them progress.