Well-being Week at the Prep School | Portsmouth High School

Well-being Week at the Prep School

It has been well-being week across the whole school for staff and children. In the Prep School we have been looking at what this means and putting on a variety of activities to help each other with our feelings of self-esteem and worth.

I started with an assembly to the sounds of Mrs Hill’s beautiful violin playing. We met Bobby, a cuddly Lima who said a lot of rude things about others in front of them and behind their backs. The girls helped me to show Bobby how this hurt their feelings and to improve his behaviour. We discussed wellbeing and what it meant, as well as the fact that although it is important to look after yourself, it is equally important to care for those around you. Bobby has spent the rest of the week in different classes helping with things like circle time and show and tell.

There have been many undertakings on offer. Mrs Holden offered children and staff a pop up yoga session in Reception, Miss Preston chaired a debate on ‘What’s the point of working hard at school?’, music has been abundant with the chance to play ‘junk’ percussion (wooden spoons, egg whisks, washing up bowls etc.) mingled with more usual percussion for a quick samba session. Tomorrow morning Mrs Hill, Mrs Harris and Mrs McBeath will greet the girls to assembly with some live music, I might even join in myself. Miss Moffitt has been in the library every lunchtime for ‘what we love about our school’ to create a piece of collaborative artwork.

These are just a few of the different things on offer this week. Lessons have been geared towards well-being and all of this can only be good for raising awareness of and improving our mental health in school.