What can we learn from the current crisis? | Portsmouth High School

What can we learn from the current crisis?

As the weeks have been progressing I have been casting my thoughts forward to what we can learn from the current crisis.

As parents, staff and children we have all been thrown into a situation that none of us could envisage. One of the major elements that can help us in the future is the ability to adapt, as we have had to, over a very short space of time.

It is clear now that it is resilience rather than adrenaline that will see us through the current period. As such we have been improving and refining our provision to accommodate all of the different age groups that need to benefit from guided home learning. It is particularly true in the primary age group that the gulf between what is needed for those in Pre-School to the children in Year 6 is huge. The girls make so much progress during these years that our offer has had to be tailored and constantly adjusted according to the age and stage.

What is certainly true is that both staff and children will have a much improved skills in the areas of communications and computing. The complex ability to move between several different platforms across a range of devices will be something that will benefit all of us in the future. Alongside this will be a heightened awareness of what is useful and relevant against processes that involve a wastage of time and resources.

I am sure we will all value the times that we can move away from technology when we have the opportunity to do so. I know that my own desire to look at my phone in the evening, when I do not have to, has waned almost to nothing. I am alongside many others looking for alternative ways to spend my time which do not involve a screen. I know many of the children are missing the ability to play with their friends in the beautiful spaces of Dovercourt. We will all be more appreciative of those moments when they return. I do believe that there will be many lessons to learn that can go towards making the future better for all of us.