Why is it that our girls stand out? | Portsmouth High School

Why is it that our girls stand out?

In the last two days before half term I accompanied members of Year 5 and 6 on the expedition section of the Venture Award. I had managed to almost completely lose my voice and was reliant on the girls to be independent and well organised as I was struggling to give any instructions. They rose to the challenge with aplomb and got on with working with the instructors with no prompting.

As usual the leaders who came in to deliver the award were incredibly complimentary about our girls. They love working with them and are always impressed with the level of their skills and knowledge as well as their politeness and good behaviour. They consistently mention that it is so much easier to work with them than many of the schools they come across.

I believe that one of the reasons that that our girls stand out is the way we deal with behaviour at the school. Our approach is not Draconian and, although we can use disciplinary approaches should they be needed, we tend to use negotiation which appeals to a sense of fair play to mitigate conflict. The girls do not want to disappoint, nor do they want to upset others. Most issues tend to come from frustration rather than anger and meanness. The net result of this is that they have a voice and they do think about others and how they feel from a young age.

The girls really are a credit to the school and their parents and I am always more than happy to take them on trips to show just what they can do.