Wiping the slate clean | Portsmouth High School

Wiping the slate clean

The start of term has arrived after a busy summer at the Prep School.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the girls participate in our holiday camps.The four weeks were very successful with a wide range of activities from cooking to outdoor learning. We will be refining the camps for next year and offering it again over the summer months.

In my first assembly on Monday I talked to the girls about wiping the slate clean, using an actual piece of slate to emphasise my point. The crux of the message was about looking forward to the school year and trying one’s best, regardless of the past. There is indeed much to anticipate, with our Explorers initiative coming into full flow and a range of development and refurbishment around the school.

The entrance hall has been given a clean new look and will be further improved over the coming weeks. Alongside this the entire school has been freshened up and we are all excited about the prospect of our new multi-use games area that will be installed later in the term.

Our new Head Girl is Imogen Wallace and Deputy Head Girl is Emma Smithin. I know the girls are excited about their roles and have already shown the maturity and enthusiasm required to succeed. We have also been busy putting together a team of prefects for duties across the school and they are keen to get involved in a variety of different challenges.It has been a first week full of enthusiasm and energy, which bodes well for the year ahead.