Is the attainment gap between girls and boys narrowing? | Portsmouth High School

Is the attainment gap between girls and boys narrowing?

An article in last week’s Sunday Times Parent Power claimed that girls’ schools were not achieving so well in the reformed GCSEs and A Levels.

The article put this down to the change to controlled assessments which have more or less disappeared. Girls have traditionally been better at securing higher grades in coursework than boys which has been attributed to girls’ diligent attitude to continual assessment. I think it is much too early to tell whether these reforms are narrowing the attainment gap between the sexes especially as it is only a marginal percentage change seen so far.


What I do know is that judging by the league tables published in the same section we were the top performing school locally whichever measure you choose to use and it was pleasing to see our position. However, it is worth noting that we prepare the girls for beyond higher education and we are even more delighted by the number who contact us after graduating to say how settled they are in their career.