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Back to school made easier…

Back to school made easierDuring the school summer holiday children get the chance to relax and have a break from the routines that exist during the term time. However, at some point the vacation has to end and there is a return to the orderliness of school life.

Even if your child is not changing schools there is much that is new at the start of the school year. Unfamiliar teachers, classrooms and even schoolmates may mean that adjusting to the regularity of school takes time. To give your child the best start, preparation before the big return day is needed.

Getting back into a sleep routine is essential to cope with a whole day in school. Whatever your age having enough quality slumber hours is important but also so is going to bed at a time which gives sufficient hours of rest. Getting up in the morning with time for breakfast and time for gathering all equipment needed for school saves rushing too much and arriving at school tired and unprepared.

Making sure ahead of the first morning that shoes still fit and uniform purchased also ensures for a smooth first morning. Children seem to go through a growth spurt over the holidays and it is surprising that what fitted them in July no longer is the right size in September. As children move through school their needs vary as to what is required so check if there are any new additional items.

Depending on the age of your child talking about what may be new and unfamiliar helps prepare them for the unknown.

Back to school made easierSmall children in particular respond well if they are talked through adjusting to a new part of the school or teacher. Older children perhaps need guidance on preparing for higher level study and how they are going to organise their work.

Throughout the holidays try to encourage regular reading and some writing to keep skills learned in school active. Using summer blogs is one way to develop this interest. Whilst some children are avid readers some are less keen and taking them to the library and allowing them a choice of book which very well may not be fiction may entice them to read more. Whilst writing postcards may be old fashioned sending an email or helping children use social media to communicate with relatives such as grandparents is a fun way of practising writing. There are many writing and creative competitions available to a whole range of ages which provides a focus for activity.

Whatever the preparation before the return to school some children find it hard to adjust to the new routine. In those early days, as a parent, it is best to provide a listening ear to their worries as they get used to an unfamiliar setting. However, if the child sees you becoming upset then this will not help them settle. Do mention your concerns to the school who will have a strong pastoral system to help with the minor niggles that go with a new academic year.