Be passionate about being great at something | Portsmouth High School

Be passionate about being great at something

Over the Christmas holidays I watched and read of self-made millionaire and entrepreneur Professor Scott Galloway’s interview where he stated “Don’t follow your passion…find out what you’re good at and then invest 10,000 hours in it — and become great at it”.

He goes onto say “What they were passionate about was being great at something, and then the accoutrements of being great at something — the recognition from colleagues, the money, the status will make you passionate about whatever it is”. In a week where PHS held a truly successful careers’ fair, albeit online, which set students from Year 9 upwards seriously thinking about their working future this advice may seem timely. Pupils sometimes tell me that they want to make their interest and hobby into a career and wish to turn their passion for an activity into employment. For some this is possible and there are many actors, for example, who discovered their love of the theatre and performance at school. However, Galloway says that few people wake up and say I want to be a tax consultant but they become a specialist in this field and very much enjoy their occupation.

There were many who disagreed with Professor Galloway’s comment but for me some of what he said is a worthwhile lesson for all to understand. We do not all set out knowing in which direction our career will move and commitment and dedication comes from working in a field you find enjoyable. For the majority achieving well comes with hard work. Success is not measured by the amount of money earned but by many factors including being good at your occupation, valued and respected in the workplace.

I should like to thank Mrs Sammy Davies for organising such an interesting and informative evening and our speakers and supporters including the staff who helped facilitate. Finally I would like to thank our pupils who showed such interest in a range of careers.