Benchmarks for good school-based careers advice | Portsmouth High School

Benchmarks for good school-based careers advice

Sir John Holman, emeritus professor of chemistry at York University and former headteacher, wrote of his benchmarks for good school-based careers advice in the Guardian this week.

We agree wholeheartedly with his comments.  Mrs Sammy Davies, our careers advisor, is Wonder Woman and like all superheroes manages to achieve the seemingly impossible in a limited amount of time.

Having a stable programme is essential and one that has been developed well at PHS.  Mrs Davies also ensures the girls have plenty of opportunity to visit industry; she is to take girls to the Easton Aerospace factory next week and has accompanied one girl to visit the marketing team at southern Co-op, for example. This individual approach is invaluable and means that advice is tailored rather than generic.

Careers are about employment and Mrs Davies emphasises to the girls the employment opportunities available and helps them make themselves as marketable as possible. Linking careers with subjects is also important and PHS teachers are able to support and advise in their curriculum area. We encourage the girls through “take your daughter to work” schemes, to experience the workplace. Furthermore, Mrs Davies is always pushing work experience opportunities to the girls and produces a newsletter highlighting different careers at least termly.

Advice starts early in the senior school and your daughter, if she hasn’t done so already, can find Mrs Davies in an office at the back of the library. We have an outstanding careers service and I am pleased to say we tick all of Professor Holman’s benchmarks of an excellent programme.