Charitable giving in schools should be more than cake sales and raising money | Portsmouth High School

Charitable giving in schools should be more than cake sales and raising money

In a recent school weekly newsletter our Junior School Headmaster wrote about how important it is that schools support charities and the giving to the less fortunate and those in need. Throughout last week the senior school head girl team, ably supported by their year group and the lower sixth, organised and led a charity week to remember. There was the talent show, fancy dress parade, bush tucker trials, boys v girls netball match against PGS (we won by a huge score of course) and a version of the TV programme “Would I lie to you”.

For two nights the fashion show catwalk was the show case for local shops and our own artists. A truly wonderful display and a grand finale of fund raising for the week. However, this is not just limited to the one week and this year earlier in the term a group of sixth formers joined in a skydive for The Haven which is their chosen charity. I do not have yet the total raised so far but it runs into thousands and must be near their ambitious target of £10,000.

Peter Tait, a former prep school headmaster, writing in the Daily Telegraph shares his concerns that the sheer weight of


helping all those in need may be overwhelming to some children and we must not just focus on cake sales and the raising money angle but also on helping others with kindness. The senior school received last week a certificate for the number of hours of volunteering the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme girls have carried out this year and the total was 760 hours which is a staggering amount. We collect in school bottle tops and other recyclable items that go to fund projects all over the world and we pride ourselves very much on how much emphasis as a school we place on the giving of our time willingly for the benefit of others. I spoke to a group of lower sixth on Tuesday who participated in the National Citizenship Scheme last summer and their social responsibility projects ranged from providing tea for elderly people to painting a community centre in the local area.

I am proud of the achievements of our girls and it says much about PHS that we value kindness, thoughtfulness and sharing which is evidenced in our various charitable giving activities across the whole school.