Children can be great teachers too | Portsmouth High School

Children can be great teachers too

One of the episodes of this latest series of Cold Feet focussed on Adam and David learning from their children.

I hope this is not a spoiler but Adam was dressing too young and thinking himself half his age whereas David just assumed his son wanted to adhere to the family values despite being miserable. It made me think about how much our children teach us and that learning is not in one direction. I probably do know more history, for example, than my children but that is possibly due to being alive for longer rather than for any other profound reason.

I have learnt from my children to be more tolerant and I certainly am more up to date about celebrity gossip than I would be without their input. I know far more about technology and the latest social media but I also understand how political decisions affect them, for example. It would be wrong to assume that we have everything to teach children and we have nothing to learn from them.

One of the lessons a parent learns fairly early on is that whilst your offspring may share some physical resemblance to you and other genetic characteristics children are their own person with their unique personality, talents and skills.  Putting your ambitions onto their shoulders almost certainly will not end well.  You may guide, advise and where standards of behaviour are at stake insist. However, always keep in mind that children are great teachers too and let them educate you with their opinions and ideas.