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Communication is an important skill

I hope you all had a restful festive break with time away from the daily routine. The Christmas holidays is always busy with parties, entertaining and people to visit. It is almost a relief to get back to normal food and a normal day.

Usually there is an exchange of presents and gifts and part of our family ritual is then to write thank you letters during the vacation. I receive lovely, well written and always amusing letters from my god children thanking me for their gift card and letting me know how well it will be spent.

Writing notes or letters is almost a lost art. I do not mind if it is a hand written missive, an electronic communication or a phone call. I just want to know that my present has not been lost in the post and to hear what the recipient is interested in if I have not seen them for a while.

Communication is an important skill and one we concentrate on and prioritise in schools. Pupils are encouraged to present their ideas and participate in discussion. They write essays and stories. Writing thank you notes or texting news is part of that education and to be encouraged. Present giving at Christmas gives the opportunity to practise these skills.

Many past and present pupils and staff attended Mrs Rosemary Comrie’s memorial service in Bassett last Friday. It was an uplifting service which even included a film recording of Mrs Comrie reading poetry and Shakespeare – you could say she upstaged us all for one last time. Our condolences go to her husband, three children, family and friends.

We welcome Dr Sarah Filer to the biology department, Mrs Alice Candy as science technician and Mr Ricky Eastman as a new minibus driver.

Happy New Year!