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Confident, Curious, Composed and Committed…

Open day went very well indeed last Saturday with a record number of visitors who were clearly not put off by the heavy rain. The school looked fabulous and the girls were, as ever, excellent ambassadors and were much commented upon by touring families for their confidence and commitment to the school. This was across both the junior and senior school and we are justifiably very proud of our girls.

The Girls’ Day School Trust, of which Portsmouth High School is a part, states the four “C”s of the education their schools provide – Confidence, Curious, Composed and Committed. I thought I would explain what that actually means at Portsmouth High School and how this was evident at open day. Confidence means that the girls here are secure in their knowledge and that they are unwilling to take things for granted. Their positive state of mind means that they are confident in their own abilities. Our composed girls are intrinsically motivated, self-directing and take responsibility for their own learning. Being curious as a PHS pupil means that they ask questions and carry out research to discover more as they are motivated by a spirit of enquiry. Their commitment means that our pupils enjoy creating and sharing knowledge. We motivate them to be receptive to new ideas and to learn new skills. They seek to participate critically, considerately and constructively in their community, society and environment.

I am often asked what sets our education apart from other schools and the qualities that the girls develop during their time here is certainly one way in which we stand out. However, I think it is much more than that; the girls develop a

good sense of doing the right thing which isn’t always easy. I spent the first lesson of today discussing with year 7 how we develop a sense of right and wrong and what might be considered acceptable to one person is not for another. The girls came up with some good ideas and their perceptive insightfulness was quite mature for their age. Equally yesterday discussing with year 5 the ways in which we might look after wild animals in our area better led them to think of sustainable responsible ways in which to care for the environment.

Open day only gives a small snapshot of what is really happening at PHS but our girls with their poise, confidence and ease with which they engage with others gave our visitors a really good insight into our ethos and I am very grateful for the time the girls gave to school to help us “show off” all that is excellent about PHS.

I understand that year 7 cooked potato wedges and made a lemongrass dip this week in our new food technology centre. This is cookery for the 21st century teaching basic skills with a modern twist and I am looking forward to next week’s menu which includes curried carrot and coconut soup with homemade soda bread.