Cyber ambassadors talk on Radio Solent | Portsmouth High School

Cyber ambassadors talk on Radio Solent

Last week Mrs Trim (Deputy Head), Holly and Isabella (Year 9) were interviewed on Radio Solent about our cyber ambassador scheme. I tuned in as they went on air and I was immediately struck by their fluency and just how confidently they replied to some tricky questioning.

The presenter started talking about gaming which did not tie in with their message at all but the discussion was skilfully turned into being about how in school we educate and inform about all aspects of communicating digitally. Isabella came up with the useful slogan “If in doubt leave it out” which was pounced on by the presenter who thought this a catchy way to learn how to stay safe. They represented PHS very well and we are proud of them for taking part. Mrs Trim also spoke clearly about our approach to the use of mobile phones in school. I think all three would say being on the radio put them out of their comfort zone and they were nervous about taking part initially.It is good to feel challenged and school does provide these opportunities which give an added insight into the world of work.

A research team at Oxford University has found that the impacts of social media on adolescent well-being is tiny.  The study, which took place between 2009 and 2017, asked thousands of 10 to 15-year-olds to say how long they spent using social media on a normal school day and also rate how satisfied they were with different aspects of life. It was found that the correlation between the effect of the use of social media on wellbeing was trivial. Dr Max Davie, officer for health improvement at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, did say that this research should not detract from other issues about how too much screen time affects sleep and conversation at mealtimes, for example.

I have met with Year 9 and 7 since January individually and the vast majority of girls are sensible about phones use and keep them out of the bedroom at night.They know to put them on airplane mode or switch them off a couple of hours before sleep.Most said they use social media apps but with the exception of a few pupils had their screen time use (not just on phones) under control.Most were pleased they could use their phone as a mini computer in school without fear of reproach, taking photographs of missed work or team lists, for example.