Diversity, inclusion and real change | Portsmouth High School

Diversity, inclusion and real change

The death of George Floyd last month has sparked justified outrage and protests across the UK, US and around the world.

People are holding governments and organisations to account for those policies and actions that lead to inequalities for black and other minority ethnic groups. To be unequivocal: racism cannot be tolerated. Black lives matter.

At the GDST, and at PHS, we pride ourselves on our deeply held beliefs, born of the vision of four uncompromising women who refused to accept that girls should not be educated in the same way as boys. We remain proud of our mission to help girls learn without limits. We want to continue to build a diverse, inclusive environment, and we work tirelessly to ensure as many girls as possible can benefit from a GDST education. But it is absolutely the case that gender justice cannot be achieved without racial justice, and we recognise that there is still much more to do in both respects.

We work hard to make PHS a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for all our pupils and staff. However, we also know that there is always more to do and that we cannot be complacent on this issue. It is important that we all act as we encourage our girls to be fearless, to speak up for what’s right, and to believe that every voice – no matter how small – matters.

We are deeply sorry that it has taken the death of George Floyd to remind us of the urgency of our collective commitment to challenge ourselves and to live up to the highest values in everything we do.