Don't let mobile devices disrupt your sleep

Don’t let mobile devices disrupt your sleep…

Much research is published which shows that teenagers are susceptible to peer pressure and have less self-control when compared to younger children. This is one of the reasons why young people have an inability to stop looking at their phones.

It derives from their fear of missing out (fomo) and as a result they need to be in contact with their peers just in case they are having more fun. If they literally can’t put their phone down this can lead to disrupted sleep and when they do eventually nod off the type of light emitted from a phone means their sleep is of a lower quality. All of this then leads to an increase in stress levels and couple this with important examinations and the result is an agitated, sleep-deprived, anxious, grumpy and unhappy bear living in your house.

A study in the US found that 19-24 year olds spent each day 95 minutes texting, 49 minutes emailing and 39 minutes on Facebook. Young women are much more likely to be addicted than men. Banning phones is not the answer as they are so entwined in our daily lives. However, phones should be put away during study time and never kept in the bedroom. Turn down the backlight in the evening to reduce

the effect of the brightness on sleep and accept that multitasking is a myth. Doing more than one thing at once reduces speed and accuracy. Finally encourage your daughter to realise her own worth and not compare herself to others via social media.

If these strategies are difficult to impose buy a phone that doesn’t have access to the Internet. Difficult I know but to practice what we preach helps and adults should also try to put away their phones at meal times and reduce their own reliance on mobile devices.

Some staff news – Mrs Comrie wishes to concentrate on being the head of drama and is stepping down from her role as head of Year 10/11. I am delighted to inform you that Miss Wright will be the new head of year from September. Mrs Paget-Tomlinson will join Mr Paget-Tomlinson as sixth form deputy head with responsibility for pastoral welfare and Mr Maude will also be a sixth form deputy head but with an academic focus.

I do hope you all have a good Easter holiday.