Embracing the 'new normal’ at Portsmouth High School | Portsmouth High School

Embracing the ‘new normal’ at Portsmouth High School

This is my last blog for this academic year and I can hardly believe the year we have had.

It is hard to remember the “normal” times when we shook hands and saw each other in person. The last few months have been challenging for us all but I should like to take this opportunity to praise the pupils for their tenacity, dedication and commitment to online learning. They have been simply terrific. The staff also have embraced a new way of working and adapted and adopted to new schedules and systems. I also applaud their willingness to take everything in their stride.

We hope to all be back in September and certainly the latest guidance gives us hope that will be the case. There will be modifications and we shall meticulously update our risk assessment so that everyone is kept safe. This will be published on our website.  We shall write towards the end of the holidays giving details of how girls should arrive into school. With some minor modifications it is expected that girls will be in uniform and that the sixth form wear clothes that can be washed between wearing. We shall be asking staff to do the same and I am sure you will understand if our dress code relaxes a little to allow staff to wear practical outfits. We will be providing lunch and our catering staff are very much looking forward to returning. We are also intending to provide our minibus service.

We were delighted to see our Year 13 and Year 11 this week as they came into school in managed groups to return text books and enjoy an ice cream. In my final assembly I use some of the words from Sister Act, which we were sadly unable to perform, and they could not be more appropriate:

“I’ll have my sisters with me still
I’ll have my sisters, always will
And with my sisters’ love
No star above will shine as bright as me”

I wish you all a restful holiday.