Farewell to Year 13 but not a final goodbye | Portsmouth High School

Farewell to Year 13 but not a final goodbye

Time has passed so fast this year and I am sure you feel the same. I cannot believe that this is another academic year done or almost over for the girls who wait for the results of public examinations. Time passes faster the older we become as the last year represents a smaller proportion of the whole. All the more reason we must make the most of the year as it gallops by.

The Upper Sixth have made the most of this last week. As I have partied with Year 13  I have reflected on their time in the school. I met quite a few of them for the first time as Year 6 pupils and I marvel at how they have matured but at the same time also stayed the same. The celebrations started last Saturday with a ball for the upper sixth and their parents and there was not a moment once the live band had struck its first note when most of us were not dancing. The service at St Jude’s followed by afternoon tea at Dovercourt was delightful. Earlier in the day some of the girls who were in reception went to talk to the current reception class about their memories. There was a prefect lunch at my home and then leavers’ assembly tomorrow when the girls receive their daffodil necklaces.

I have moved to totally different areas a fair number of times in my life and I know how farewells can be difficult. However, it is not and never is, a final goodbye and the girls know that we are here for them whenever they want to get in touch.  It is not a permanent adieu and we very much look forward to seeing them again.

I wish you all a warm and restful holiday.