The GDST is in the top 100 companies | Portsmouth High School

The GDST is in the top 100 companies

The Sunday Times guide to the top 100 companies, which is published in March, will for the first time include the GDST in the Not-for-Profit list of the top 100 companies for employee engagement. As yet we don’t know the precise ranking of the Trust which will be revealed at an Awards’ Evening in February. This is good news and reflective of the importance that the GDST place on treating their workforce well and fulfilling their aim of being a “principled” organisation.

Within the overall judging each school is viewed separately and this feeds into the overall positioning. Each school is informed where they individually come in the rating and can be ranked unplaced, one to watch, one star, two star and three star. When PHS first went through this process we were rated as a “one to watch” company. Last year we became a “two star” company and I am delighted to say that we are now a “three star” company–the highest accolade. This shows how contented all our staff are with their overall employment in the Trust. The categories that staff comment upon range from leadership to well-being.


It is always good to have a contented staff who value working at PHS. Moreover the anonymous comments that the staff made through the questionnaire recognised the role the girls play in making the workplace a positive, friendly and cooperative environment. Staff paid tribute to their colleagues and acknowledged how supported they felt at school. Furthermore, both teaching and support staff commented on how superb the pupils are that they teach or come into contact with from the very youngest year groups to the oldest.

PHS didn’t need to go through a survey to be known as a three star school. However, it is good to be publicly acknowledged and I am grateful to the staff for all they do to enhance the girls’ experiences but equally I am grateful to the girls for helping make us so happy in our work by their exemplary attitude and behaviour.