Stereotypical subject choices dispelled at Portsmouth High School

Gender stereotyping in schools judged by subject choices

A recent survey by YouGov showed that there is still gender stereotyping in schools judged by subjects children said they enjoyed most.

More girls than boys said they liked art and this is also seen by the higher number of GCSE entries from girls. The only subjects that seem to escape gender bias were the humanities. Boys said they liked computer science and maths whereas many more girls than boys said they liked English and languages.

I read this article with a degree of smugness because such differences do not exist at PHS and there are more girls choosing to study the sciences and mathematics at A Level than any other subject. This shows that girls are not put off areas of the curriculum in a single-sex school environment. Furthermore we have girls who study mainly science subjects but then add a language or arts based subject.

Girls at PHS have freedoms that go beyond curriculum choice and as the Fawcett Society reports in 2017 that twenty percent of men aged between 25 and 34 feel that gender equality has gone too far then it is even more important that girls are given the confidence to hold their own in whatever workplace they choose.