How to ask for a pay rise | Portsmouth High School

How to ask for a pay rise

You may have read an article in The Sunday Telegraph which reported on a group of girls’ schools “sending pupils on a negotiating skills course so that they can learn how to ask for a pay rise”.

I am delighted to inform you that PHS will be participating in this pilot event that the GDST have organised for Year 12 students in September. Inspire South is a new initiative specially designed for students at the start of their time in the Sixth Form to give these important years a tremendous kick-start by attending a day to remember. The event is to be held at the Royal Institution and will include speakers such as Masha Gordon who is an experienced climber, explorer and traveller. Girls will be encouraged to speak up and develop the confidence to ask difficult questions in the work place.  There will be an opportunity for them to engage with alumnae and create connections that only an organisation the size of the GDST can offer.

It is another example of the power of belonging to the GDST and how the girls benefit from this association. We are truly a family of schools that promote the value of a single-sex education and enable girls to discover their talents in an educational setting that is quite simply where girls do better.

I wish you all a relaxing half term holiday.