Give children room to grow into their own personality | Portsmouth High School

Give children room to grow into their own personality

I heard a Pause for Thought on Radio 2 – it was Judy Silkoff talking about how she had noticed her then baby daughter mimicking her actions in a supermarket; her message was that children should be independent people and have the space to forge their own paths; to shine with their own light and not be expected to be mini versions of their parents.

Over the weekend our youngest son was playing with an ageing app that shows how you will look years down the line. On sharing the results on the family What’s App it was clear that he bore an uncanny resemblance to his father which amused his siblings if not his father. Children like noticing the similarities they share with parents. Hopefully they also understand that they are encouraged to become their own person with a unique identity.

At a time when your teenager can seem to be disagreeing with your every word and you know only too well the phrase “treading on eggshells” it is reassuring to note that parents positively influence their children more than they realise whilst allowing them room to grow into their own personality. The same applies to whom pupils respect in school and as a result educators must be careful about giving away their political bias or other controversial opinions. Just as it is for parents it can be a difficult path to tread.

However, there is nothing wrong with healthy debate and on that note I welcome the changes made to the competition “Youth Speaks” which now includes both sides of the argument presented by each school. I wish our team all the best of luck for the next round on Thursday 13 February at Admiral Lord Nelson School at 6.15pm.