The heart of the school remains strong after 135 years | Portsmouth High School

The heart of the school remains strong after 135 years

I am the twelfth headmistress of Portsmouth High School in its 135 years. I feel proud to be added to the list of my predecessors as headmistress of this school with its long history and tradition.

I have met three of the most recent Heads and Miss Plowman, now Mrs Scofield, invites the sixth form to her home every year. She entertains them with stories of her experience teaching in a school in India and her days in Portsmouth. I sometimes wish it was possible to meet those who were the school’s early founders and whilst buildings have modified to keep up with modern education I am sure we would find much that is still the heart of the school such as its ethos and character. As we approach open day it gives me an opportunity to reflect on “our journey” and to check that the values we have held close in the past are still

relevant today. As I walk around the site I am struck by the pleasant environment and how well the space is used. In the classrooms the displays are vibrant and a showcase for the girls’ work.There is a warmth and community feel and a sense of purpose and enjoyment.  We have revived an old website cataloguing the history of the school – the link to view the page is here  I hope you find it of interest.  There are some errors inherited – for example the GPDST was established in 1872 not 1972. May I take this opportunity to thank all the girls, parents and staff for supporting our annual open day and helping us make it a success.  On Wednesday the first meeting of the PHS golf society took place at Goodwood. Thanks to Mr Roger Brett for organising the competition and good weather. We are pleased to report that £275 was raised for PSA funds.