Level 2 Higher Project to be introduced at Portsmouth High School | Portsmouth High School

Level 2 Higher Project to be introduced at Portsmouth High School

Not so long ago students at GCSE were expected to undertake coursework in the majority of their subjects.

This afforded them the opportunity to research a topic and deliver a project that added depth and breadth to their studies. Unfortunately the system was abused by some who were aided too much by others such as parents and teachers. In one example according to an examination board, it was discovered, the work was carried out by the examination candidate’s father’s PA. I hope she was pleased with the A* attained.

There is a gap, once filled by coursework, and only at A level through the Extended Project Qualification is there an opportunity to discover the freedom of independent study. It is for this reason I intend to introduce a level 2 higher project, described as being between a GCSE and AS level, as an option for those who would relish researching a topic in greater depth. This will be launched to current Year 9 in the summer term. This will afford an opportunity for those interested to find out more about, for example, climate change which has created a movement in sustainability amongst young people. The assessment takes the form of a two thousand word dissertation or a five hundred word submission along with an artefact by which the examination board mean a piece of art or creation. More details will follow later in the year.

We are committed to enabling our pupils to make the best of their time at PHS and this is another way in which we offer stretch and challenge.