Mental toughness aids achievement in life | Portsmouth High School

Mental toughness aids achievement in life

Much is talked about mental toughness. It is seen as a predictor of success in sport, education and in the workplace.

It is widely recognised that those who possess grit and resilience are likely to be achievers in its broadest sense. Those who work hard at improvement and are not phased by setbacks are the ones most likely to achieve their targets and goals. It is important that we prepare pupils for life which may have its elements of challenge.

We take mental health seriously and recognise the girls need strategies to enable them to cope with the ever changing and demanding world in which they live. This is why

we have embarked upon the “Positive Project”. The founder of this programme, a medical doctor with a speciality of psychological medicine, Dr Brian Marien has agreed to give a talk on 20 April 6-7.30pm in the senior school hall to parents on how to ensure our children (and staff) are able to prepare for life’s challenges and see them as opportunities to be overcome.

Recently parents were sent an email from Mrs Trim which gives details of Dr Marien’s talk for parents from Year 3 to the sixth form. Early indications suggest this is going to be a popular evening and therefore if you intend on attending please do let us know soon.