Mindfulness – should we teach it in schools? | Portsmouth High School

Mindfulness – should we teach it in schools?

There is much talked about Mindfulness and whether we should teach it in schools. It involves learning to direct our attention to our experience. Essentially it encourages us to think with an open-minded curiosity and acceptance. So rather than worrying about what might happen or has happened it trains us to respond to whatever is happening now whether that is good or bad. This is learned in a highly practical way through experience. It is increasingly being used in business to improve staff well-being and satisfaction as well as in sport training and with children in school. It has been shown that it increases resilience and enables us to cope better with life’s setbacks however hardy (or not) the individual.

It isn’t difficult to learn to think differently and whilst we might find that initially our mind still keeps straying with practice we learn to sustain our attention and direct it more skilfully. This leads to a calmer and more rational thinking about all aspects of life. We plan to introduce Mindfulness from the juniors through to the seniors next year to help them make rational judgements and become calmer by concentrating on the moment. It also raises performance partly because it encourages the individual to focus on the task in hand.