New rules for a radically changing world | Portsmouth High School

New rules for a radically changing world

New rules for a radically changing world was the theme of the GDST summit last week where exciting and inspiring speakers from Dame Cilla Snowball to Daniel Susskind to Samira Ahmed to Mishal Husain shared their view on how the work place will change in the near future and their experience to date.

Our CEO, Cheryl Giovannoni, quoted the US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg when she said women should become “the lawyer your mother always wanted you to marry” and went on to talk about her own experience growing up in South Africa.

I was most interested in Daniel Susskind’s view on how Artificial Intelligence will alter the number of jobs and the way in which we currently work. Controversially he advocated the demise of the professions as algorithms written into computer programs will provide diagnosis to medical concerns, for example or legal advice. I was proud that one of our deputy head girls, Lucy, asked what hope was there for anyone considering a career in medicine if there would be a reduced need for physiotherapists. I was most impressed by her boldness to ask a question of such an eminent economist in a packed room.

Opportunities to listen to and participate in days such as the summit are a strength of belonging to the GDST. Whilst it had a rallying call to encourage young women to insist on equality in the work place it also contained much to excite and stimulate other debate not wholly around women and their perceived struggle to be treated the same. It also gave a valuable opportunity to network which is also a benefit of the Trust and not always so recognised.