Why not become a pupil again and learn something new? | Portsmouth High School

Why not become a pupil again and learn something new?

You may have seen some reports in the press about school staff taking examinations alongside their pupils. At Rugby School for example four teachers sat GCSE drama this year and there was no hiding this fact as they sat in the same examination room with their current GCSE cohort.

This is not new and I have worked with a number of colleagues over the years who have taken examinations in subjects they are interested in and for whatever reason did not study at school. A few years ago I decided to take an Open University module in plate tectonics as “company” for my sixth formers who had decided to extend their knowledge and give breadth to their A level study. Moreover, I provided competition and an incentive to my son who was undertaking a chemistry Open University module at the same time.

It does adults good to take on a new challenge from time to time. For teachers becoming a pupil again feeds back into the classroom as they once again know and empathise with what it is like to be a student and are excited by learning something new.

The GDST has developed their own MOOC (massive open online course) with FutureLearn on girls’ education and learning. The course lasts four weeks and having almost completed week one I am already energised by the programme. Anyone may take part and there are thousands of participants signed up already from all over the world. It is free (except for the certificate if you choose to buy it). If you should like to register then follow this link: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/girls-education/1