Over-protective parents are “curling” and sweeping obstacles out of their child's way | Portsmouth High School

Over-protective parents are “curling” and sweeping obstacles out of their child’s way

There is a new term to add to all the others that describes over-protective parents. Named after the sport they are “curling” which means they sweep all obstacles out of their child’s way so that their offspring do not meet any hurdles or bumps in the road meaning life is smooth as they glide to adulthood.

As the young grow the best start we can give them at school and home is to encourage appropriate levels of independence. Whilst I am a great fan of mobile phones as a learning tool when a call is made to ban phones at school it often comes from adults who do not understand how useful they can be in the classroom but not how they may create dependency out of the learning environment.

Children will have fall-outs and make mistakes; disappoint themselves and fail occasionally.  If they never have the opportunity in a safe environment to try something new or sort a problem then when they do meet a hurdle larger than ever before they struggle to find the tools to climb over it. I am pleased and proud that Year 7 girls who may be missing my food lesson email me ahead to let me know of their absence. Sixth form girls ask for permission to be absent for post offer university open days. I hear of numerous examples, almost on a daily basis, of girls who sort for themselves hiccups that happen. True PHS girls.

Please try to work with school by encouraging your daughter to speak to a relevant member of staff to problem-solve their issue in the first instance before they phone you from school with a minor moan which you then feel you must solve immediately.