Picking out positives to improve our offer in the future | Portsmouth High School

Picking out positives to improve our offer in the future

Guided online learning continues. In my own personal experience there are some positives that have come out of this terrible crisis.

I have channelled the inner TV presenter within me by taking part in recorded assemblies and virtual meetings. It is much harder than I ever thought to talk to camera and the learning curve has been steep. My knowledge and proficiency of using technology has gone through the stratosphere. It will change my way of doing things. I completed an online compulsory update for safe guarding training this week which was a fraction of the cost in terms of time and money.

I am fortunate to have four other members in my household plus a very elderly cat.  All bar my retired husband and cat are working in essential services. I do not normally have my children at home but they ended up “stuck” with us and I am only too aware this is time we will never have again. Siblings who have become used to short bursts in each other’s company have now spent six weeks together and have discovered they have more in common than just genes. Currently there is a table tennis leader board played in the evenings to a level of competitiveness normally seen in top level athletics.

I know this is the situation in many of our PHS families. I have been humbled by the number of positive emails we have received across the school and I thank you for taking the time to message especially considering the difficult circumstances. COVID has impacted upon us all and as a school we are trying to pick out the positives to continue to improve our offer for the future.