The school house system brings many benefits... | Portsmouth High School

The school house system brings many benefits…

Last week a school reported that it was bringing back the house system to their school.  The school in question felt that this would re-establish a former tradition and bring with it innumerable benefits to their community as well as develop their competitive spirit.

Since Harry Potter introduced readers to houses at Hogwarts called Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor there has been an increased awareness of the house system and the benefit it brings to schools. Amongst other advantages it gives opportunity for pupils to mix with students in younger and older years and it gives rise to many more chances for leadership and cooperation. Friendly competition is also good for collegiality and this system develops a better sense of belonging by dividing the school into smaller groups. I have never been particularly fond of the names of our senior houses which have been revived within the last fifteen years – Bronte, Austen, Eliot and Gaskell but when they

were re-established the decision was taken not to use the original names of Clough, Gurney, Somerville and Grey; however, they are now aligned with the junior houses – Dolphin, Warrior, Nelson and Vernon – through the same colour association and they create a strong sense of unity and responsibility.

There has been great excitement and a little tension in the senior school this week. On Thursday the houses competed against each other in the annual House Plays competition. These events are taken seriously but everyone enters into the sense of fun that goes alongside the spirited rivalry. The house system is alive and thriving at PHS.

Best wishes for a happy half term holiday.