Soft skills are essential skills | Portsmouth High School

Soft skills are essential skills

I do hope that everyone enjoyed the half term, even if some were revising for the continuing public examinations.

The holidays are a chance to rest and relax away from the routine of the term time. I find time to read articles that I have stored away until there is the opportunity to digest the information and messages. One such article attracted my attention, written by Trevor Muir, who describes himself as a teacher, writer and storyteller. He challenges the term “soft skills” and promotes that they should be renamed “essential skills”. Soft skills are according to Muir “communication, collaboration, critical thinking, work ethic, and confidence”. He claims that without these millennials are unlikely to thrive in the workplace.

There is much in what he says with which I agree and that is why in school from a young age we focus on providing opportunities to develop these attributes. Using our Explorer Programme through to Sophia and Athene girls are encouraged to speak out, work hard and most of all put their hand up and risk a question or answer. This is an essential part of our teaching too, whether that is in the classroom or outside; in formal lessons or through activities. These are essential skills and should be valued alongside academic success. As we move closer to the awards evenings across the whole school it is worth remembering that, however hard we try, it is impossible to recognise all achievements especially those that are not so measurable. The most successful in our society are not always the recipient of prizes.