Success should not be measured just by academic examination results | Portsmouth High School

Success should not be measured just by academic examination results

Welcome back to the summer term – I do hope that you all have found time for a rest and relaxation. 

There was an article over the holidays about how young people’s success should not be measured by academic examination results alone. Taking an holistic view, all achievements, including those from activities such as music and sport, should form part of a final qualification. I should welcome such an approach although it is difficult to award “marks” to some activities without making them into examinations. I also read over the weekend which university courses lead to jobs that are likely to earn a graduate the most money and indeed which institute was the most successful in monetary terms.

Linking success with earning power is not useful. There are many employments that give a good quality of life but do not feature in the top salary scales. The children at school now will work for far longer in terms of years than say my generation without pensions that pay out early.  Motivating yourself to go to work every day is far easier if you are doing a job you enjoy. Those with influence should encourage children to achieve of their best at school but at the same time show how much value there is in keeping interests and hobbies going even when studying. Moreover, there is more to life than just earning a large pay cheque and choosing a career path that genuinely interests is important.

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy my work and I have always loved teaching. There is so much joy in seeing young people develop into adults. Teaching rarely features amongst the “top” jobs and yet it provides a worthwhile career with a variety of employment opportunities within the overarching role.