Teachers meet the whole family via online learning | Portsmouth High School

Teachers meet the whole family via online learning

We have almost completed our second week of guided home learning and I am proud to report how well the girls have adjusted.

Whatever their age they have adapted much more quickly and positively than last time. We are aware though that this style of learning does not suit all and we will do all we can to support pupils through this difficult time.

Through the various forums to which I belong there are amusing anecdotes from people working from home. Teachers report that honest students tell them how tired they look and they have met the entire family including pet snakes during online lessons. One teacher said the child’s grandmother had joined in the lesson as she liked the topic. In another a trainer leading a session on educational policy to an executive group had his young 6 year old son in the background “working out” Joe Wicks style. No matter how many times the trainer asked his son to go to another room the child insisted he would jump around quietly and so the entire session had this little boy leaping about. Another teacher said a parent had sat in the lesson in place of their child who was unwell. This makes the incident of the child who interrupted his father broadcasting a news report about two years ago something that has affected many homeworkers and for which we have an empathy we didn’t have before.

Please do pass on your stories and photographs of home learning for us to include in Update.